Exchange Server SMTP Store & Forward

SMTP feed All our data is stored in the UK Secure your own in-house exchange server. It's vital to have an SMTP feed for your server to ensure that when your broadband goes down, the server is rebooted or the server is broken, your emails are queued on our systems until you are up and running again, stopping those embarrassing bounce back emails to customers.

Our exchange security system reduce the risk to your exchange server, stop spam and viruses before they get to the server, reducing the load and saving space. We provide you with three MX records to update.

How store and forward works
This service is also sometimes referred to as a 'Store and forward' service for exchange.


£150 a year
  • Backup MX
  • Queues for up to 5 days
  • Recommended Delivery Method
  • Works with all version of exchange server
  • Works with any SMTP server

SMTP Feed with
Anti-Spam & AV

£250 a year
  • Backup MX
  • Queues for up to 5 days
  • Blocks Spam & Viruses before they reach your server
  • Reduce your server load
  • Reduce storage required

Smarthost - Outbound SMTP Service

£100 a year
  • Works with Exchange
  • Avoids Non Fixed IP Issues
  • Reverse MX
  • Trusted IP
  • FREE with SMTP FEED *

  • DNS Management comes free with any of the services listed above.
  • Online control panel to change destination IP address as and when you need to.
  • Fixed IP Broadband & Fixed IP Sim cards available to enable backup line solutions

* SMTP feed come with usage limits to restrict spamming. Unrestricted SMTP for legitimate email is at an additional fee.

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