GDPR Security Audit

Our team of IT consultants can come into your office and provide a formal written audit for GDPR. After the initial audit, we also provide an annual audit review to ensure you continue to stay compliant.

Audits start from £500, please get in touch for a quotation.

What we Audit

  • Your Website
  • Cloud Services you use
  • Your Local Systems
  • Your Data Processes

GDPR Requirements

Privacy by Design
The GDPR has formalised principles of Privacy by Design (PbD) into their regulations including minimising data collection and retention, and gaining consent from consumers when processing data.
Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
Companies will have to first analyse the risks to their privacy when certain high-risk or sensitive data associated with subjects is to be processed.
Right to Erasure and To Be Forgotten
There's been a long standing requirement in the DPD allowing consumers to request that their data be deleted. The GDPR extends this right to include data published on the web. This remains a controversial right to stay out of the public view and "to be forgotten".
Even if a company doesn’t have a physical presence in the EU but collects data about EU data subjects (through a website, for example) then all the requirements of GDPR are in effect. In other words, the new law will extend outside the EU. This will especially affect e-commerce companies and other cloud-based businesses.
Breach notification
Companies will have to notify data authorities within 72 hours after a breach of personal data has been discovered. Data subjects will also have to be notified but only if the data poses a “high risk to their rights and freedoms”.
Serious infringements can merit a fine of up to 4% of a company’s global revenue. These infringements can include violations of basic principles related to data security — especially PbD principles. A lesser fine of up to 2% of global revenue can be issued if company records are not in order, or if the supervising authority and data subjects are not notified after a breach.

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