Server Virtualisation in Staffordshire

Virtualisation has transformed the way IT infrastructure is implemented and we are here to show you ways this can help reduce overheads, resolve hardware issues and speed up your systems.

Virtual Server Setup Going from a traditional server setup with one operating system per server to a virtual one makes long term economic sense and also makes your systems more resilient.

Key Virtualisation Benefits

  • Upgrade old hardware without issue
  • Reduce power costs by reducing the number of servers
  • Hardware independent - when the server fails it can be put on a totally different server straight away
  • Run more than one server on a single piece of hardware

Virtualisation Conversion - Old to New

Have you got an old server or two that your company it totally reliant on. No one quite knows everything it does any more, but it is very important. Are you worried the hardware is falling apart and don't know what to do? Virtualisation conversion is your solution.

Convert to virtual
We take an old server, convert it into a virtual one and put it back on new hardware. The server will appear that nothing has changed from a functional perspective. It is still the same server, just virtual. You can keep working away and its now working faster and more stable on new hardware.

If you still would like to then upgrade the server too, we start by building you another new virtual server on the same box and over time gradually moving services from the old server to the new. There is no downtime and you keep running critical services without the worry.

Move to the Cloud

Once you have your systems virtualised, you can run them from anywhere. If reliable power supplies or power is an issue in your office, or you have a lot of remote workers, moving your systems into the Hosting Systems cloud can ensure your systems are more secure and resilient in our datacentre.

Virtual Desktops

In our cloud or on your own servers virtual desktops can save time and hassle. Use older computers to hook into virtual desktops which can be controlled and managed centrally. Our systems use VMware to implement. There are many different advantages to having internal or cloud desktops, give us a call to chat about options or read more on remote working options here.

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