Managed Physical & Virtual Servers

Take the pain out of looking after your own server with our dedicated hardware managed servers. Monitored 24/7, we fix your server at 3am so you don't have too.

Along with dedicated hardware options, we offer virtual servers. See our virtual servers page.

How it works

First, we chat to you about your budget and requirement and find a hardware solution that meets your specific needs. What operating system and what services you wish to run (e.g. web, mail, database) are important factors we take into account when creating a specification.

Once the hardware and budget is agreed, we purchase the server for you. We don't hold them in stock, as this enables us to get you the best deal as the specifications of servers improve so rapidly. Managed Servers We then install a virtual layer onto the hardware, and then install the Operating System you requested. We installed the virtual layer so that if your dedicated server has a serious hardware failure, we move your server into our cloud environment on a temporary basis while the hardware is fixed and then move you back again. This ensures that you get the backup resilience of a virtual environment with the dedicated performance of your own hardware - the best of both worlds! Server Photo We provide a photograph for you of your dedicated server so you can see it really is your own piece of hardware.

Why dedicated hardware?

We firmly belive that for many companies dedicated hardware is the only solution. Many ISP's overload their virtual environements, so although they promise a level of harware, you don't always get it. Sharing hardware with other users means you won't neccesarly get the response when you really need it. With your own hardware, you are guaranteed to get the full capacity.


If you need a dedicated server, you should only install the software elements you need to be dedicated. For example, unless there is a specific mail requirement, we recomend that you use our shared reslient email system and not add the extra load to your dedicated web server. All these are charged out at our standard hosting fees.


Think about what elements of support you need covering and we will create a quote for your unique business needs. The range depends on your own in-house technical level. Contracts are usually a minimum of 12 months.


All our Servers are monitored 24/7. You can also have an email or mobile added to the monitoring to recieve imediate alerts if required.

Rack Space

Per 1U of server space with a max of 1 amp £100.00 per month (ex VAT)
  • Free shared firewall
  • Midlands/Northern Location in Manchester
  • Secure rack space for equipment
  • 24 hour, 365-day a year monitoring of network connection
  • UPS protected power supply with back up generator
  • 24 hour, 365-day a year access after appointment
  • Environmentally controlled and monitored premises
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Dual BGP routing


  • No GB per month limit
  • Fixed Pipe
  • Burstability

We charge our bandwidth at a fixed monthly cost for a specific virtual pipe. See our bandwidth chart below to see the comparisons against transfer rates and initial pipe costs.

Bandwidth Options (Kbps)
650GB pcm
325GB pcm
160GB pcm
80GB pcm

Please contact us for a quotation for your exact requirements

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