Web & Cloud Business Solutions

Cloud and integrated business technology can transform the way your company runs making it more efficient and cost effective.

Do you wish your customers could have direct access to data, saving your staff time and energy? Making your business streamlined can making significant savings for your company. Calculating up the man hours that can be saved on having a business solution and sometimes make a project seem much more achievable than you may have first envisaged.

How does it work?

If you think your company could be more efficient, give us a call and we can come in and overview your business processes. We then propose services that would help improve your business, such as cloud database development or other hybrid solutions.

If you already have an idea, but are not sure of the feasibility, give us a call. We can talk you through the process, bringing in our ideas to develop a solution.

  • Secure Areas
  • API Integration
  • System Integration
  • Process Streamlining
  • Hybrid Databases
  • Cloud Systems
  • Automated Email Systems
  • Mobile & Tablet App Solutions
  • Quote & Job Management Systems
  • Customer Interactive Tools
  • CRM Systems
  • Product Management Systems

How much does it cost?

Cost of any system depends on the amount of time involved in the project. We do however find that it takes a very short amount of time, sometimes just a few months, for companies to gain the return on their investment. Staff time alone can be significantly reduced, leaving your staff to get on with the more productive tasks or reducing your staff overheads.

Case Study: Kollabo

The is a staff management solution, which encrypted data and a sign-up processes and automated reminders.

Cloud Business Solution Cloud Business Solution

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